Mission Statement

Color Resource strives to produce and deliver our quality color concentrates to our customers when they want it, how they want it, and at a competitive price. Our goal is to enhance our customers’ performance and agility to become more successful in their business environment as a result of our attention to their present and future needs.

When Color Matters

We know the science of color is a critical part of the business of color. That’s why we’ve assembled our team of color specialists who bring together over one hundred years of combined experience to each project. We understand each customer’s business and unique requirements.

Color Resource delivers personal service. Whether it is pellet geometry, a color match in 24 hours, fast turnaround on small orders, or expedited shipping, Color Resource understands when color matters. You want it; we’ve got it, matched to your specifications, on time, every time.


With Color Resource, exceptional quality doesn’t mean you have to wait. We specialize in the fastest turnaround times in the business, without sacrificing quality. One week-delivery for most projects! With a simplified order process, reduced-paper environment, and technical support, our commitment is to deliver the best products with the greatest value to our customers.

Quality Control

In our 35,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Leominster, Massachusetts, we manage a meticulous 3 step quality control process every day. It starts with incoming raw material inspection and approval on all incoming ingredients utilizing a first in, first out consumption. Each lot of product that we batch, we test the dry blend masterbatch before it is extruded into pellet form. This way we have the ability to make any minor color adjustments to the mix before it is extruded into pellets. Upon final extrusion, the batch is retested verses the standard by spectrophotometer to insure batch to batch consistency every time. We go the extra step to provide our customers the confidence they need!