The Wire Journal Featured Article

September Issue, 2013

No matter what the industry regulates, or doesn’t regulate, our Color Resource team always puts the needs of our customers front and center. If they have to change their formulary and mechanical requirements based on regulations, we need to listen as a company and guide them through the change as efficiently as possible.

Color Resource Operations Manager Greg Gitto at the company’s production line.

In fact, Color Resource took the initiative years ago to comply with the then relatively unheard of RoHS directive. We reformulated all our color concentrates with 100% heavy-metal free ingredients years before the directive initiative took hold in the plastics industry.

Today, just about every wire and cable company complies with the latest versions of REACH and RoHS directives. We like that we are ahead of the curve.

The industry changes and regulations do cause us to take pause and change course – and it’s for the best. Those in the concentrates industry who prove that they can be flexible, accommodating, and still keep their product high quality will come out ahead.

More than ever, we are seeing industry changes being driven by our customers, not the regulatory agencies. Through more innovative cable design, better manufacturing efficiencies and creative green recycling, our customers are trying to be especially proactive and to modernize their thinking.

We at Color Resource are stepping forward to stay ahead of the curve and ahead of what may be coming down the pike. Greg Gitto, operations manager, Color Resource, LLC, a subsidiary of OTECH Corp.