CollordropColor Resource manufactures premium quality color concentrates for the wire and cable, profile extrusion, and injection molding industries. All of our products are RoHS and REACH compliant.

Products are inventoried at our warehouses in Leominster, Massachusetts and Rolling Prairie, Indiana.

Commercial Color Concentrates

The fastest growth of our business is in commercially accepted color standards for a wide array of compounds and products.

Color Resource offers an in-stock full range line of Munsell and NEMA colors in PVC, PE, and standard EVA color concentrates exhibiting excellent electrical properties. Within those color spectrums we offer choices in colors which are best suited for your applications. From economical grades preferred for standard PVC and PE compounds to vibrant highly loaded standard concentrates suitable for use in riser and plenum grade PVC and flame retardant PE.

Custom Color Concentrates

Whether you need a commercial color match or a precisely engineered match to a specific plastic compound, Color Resource is your answer for fast turnaround times and quality service!

Twenty-five percent of our business is driven to servicing those customers with custom needs for concentrates.

RAL and SAE color concentrates are typically made to order because of their precise matching tolerance requirements. For PVC, PE, and EVA, these color standards go hand-in-hand with specific compounds used for wire and cable and fiber optic applications. Our color processing is backed by a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to better control costs and quality.

All of our custom color matches are RoHS and REACH compliant.

Custom Compounding

Small batch custom compounding in PVC is a service niche for Color Resource. From tinted clears to solid colors, we make pre-colored non-UL PVC compounds for both extrusion and molding applications. Color Resource is your affordable choice for those order sizes between 500 lbs. and 5000 lbs.

QuasarXL-logo-noTagXLPE Color Concentrates

Responding to the needs of the low-voltage, automotive, and appliance wire markets for moisture cure XLPE compounds, Color Resource’s new XLPE line of colors was the first to the market. Working closely with a moisture-cure compound manufacturer, we crafted maximum color pigment into concentrate packages compatible with the base compound.

  • Because of its proprietary selection of ingredients, our XLPE colors mitigate compound scorching. Standard concentrates often lead to scorching, or premature cross-linking of the XLPE compound in the extruder. Additionally, our Color Resource XLPE colors are more highly concentrated so you use less and in the higher flame retardant versions of the compound.
  • You also save money. Our Color Resource XLPE colors are packed for vibrancy so you use less and spend less.
  • Each concentrate is suitable and intended for the full range of FR blend choices in XLPE constructions from 80/20 (20 percent FR) to 50/50 (50 percent FR), while using a range of one to three percent color loadings.
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